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The Ace Motel -
 A Full Package Fresh Start!

The Ace Motel -
 A Full Package Fresh Start!

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Imagine being able to settle in the beautiful Black Hills with your whole big family while also stepping into the possibilities that come with a lovely court motel property - if this sounds like a dream, your dreams could come true!
In Belle Fourche this opportunity is available right now!

The Ace Motel is currently opening the doors to new motivated ownership. This would include the entire motel and two homes tucked in to a beautifully maintained piece of space. Built in the 1950s, the property has been wonderfully taken care of and family owned for the last 30 years. Today, it could be a real life-changer by creating the perfect fresh start for someone looking for a new beginning!

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What's in the Package?

All in one, this opportunity includes a lot to be excited about!

There is a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom double-wide manufactured home on the property with a lovely deck. It's even wheelchair accessible! 

The motel office may look small but it holds within it a full two story house!  Both floors contain full living quarters. Upstairs has two carpeted bedrooms, beautiful wooden trim and two gorgeous retro-style bathrooms. There is lovely tiled flooring across the kitchen and the natural light in the living room is phenomenal. Downstairs there are two more carpeted bedrooms, one bathroom, and a comfortable sitting/dining area that includes a kitchenette and room for storage. 


Add to this vision the 14 equipped and working units and the dream is complete! Each room comes with at least one comfortable bed as well as a tv, microwave, and refrigerator. There's closet space for clothing and WiFi for entertainment or work. The bathrooms are clean, include a shower, and all the plumbing works like a dream.


It's a picturesque getaway for any weary traveler!  

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Call to set up a tour today!
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Perks of the Deal and Bonus Information - 

* Both wings of the motel and Office/house have new roofing and gutters as recent as August  2021.

* The laundry room has been recently redone as well! (pictured left)

*Belle Fourche is growing fast with new businesses like the Ramen Noodle factory getting built. With that means there will be more people coming in need of someplace to stay.


* Plus, there's a constant stream of travel through by truck drivers, farmers, ranchers, travelers, and many people coming into the Black Hills for seasonal work!

*Consider the many huge annual rallies and community events that come to the Black Hills and Belle Fourche every year and it will be apparent to see the need for a comfortable place to stay! (Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Mustang Rally, Corvette Rally, the carnival, etc...)


* Tourism in South Dakota is HUGE! According to the South Dakota Dept. of Tourism, visitors to the state spent more than 3 billion dollars, and generated more than 270 million in tax revenue. The Ace Motel is the perfect way to get a slice of that! 

Call Vicki and schedule your tour today! 605.892.2612

Call or Email Today!

109 6th Avenue

Belle Fourche, South Dakota 57717

PHONE - 605.892.2612


*Music for promotional tour video by Musway Studio.

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